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How to Use

How to Use your Fairy Door and Wall Decals

Step 1  Install your fairy door in a location of your choice. 

Step 2  Place your wall decals on the wall around your door.

Step 3  Decorate your door with smaller wall decals.

Step 4  Leave out the magic key in the bottle and in the morning when the key has gone, your fairy has moved in!

Step 5  Get to know your fairy(s) using the notepad. Tip - you can write/draw pictures, and even leave out little treats. 

Step 6  Give your fairy a name on the certificate. Tip - you can think up a nickname or leave a note asking what their name(s) is.

Directions for Applying Wall Decals

1. Ensure the wall surface is clean and dry.

2. Carefully remove decal from backing, apply decal to wall and smooth onto surface.

3. To remove decal, slowly peel away from wall.