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Calgary's Unexpected Population Surge!!

CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 26, 2019 – Despite the economic downturn, Calgary is experiencing unprecedented levels of inward migration............of a slightly different kind.

A Calgary Mom has created an explosion in the city's fairy population with her fun-filled Explorer Door sets available at

Explorer Door - Canada's Fairy Door Company has become a fixture in many households across the city following the successful launch last year by local Mompreneur Katherine Carruthers.
Explorer Door's Blue Fairy Door & Camping Wall Decals
Explorer Door's Blue Fairy Door & Camping Wall Decals


Explorer Door is going from strength to strength and it is amazing to see boys, girls and parents across the city embracing the idea of imaginative play,” says Carruthers.

“The great news for Calgary parents is that they can benefit too by having a fairy door in their home and reports have been received that one family fairy delivered a ice cold bottle of beer from the Village Brewery to one lucky Dad! It's a real win-win for all the family”.

Explorer Door sets feature miniature, wooden fairy doors in 6 different colours. Each set comes with a tiny bottle and key to invite the fairy to move-in, a notepad for writing messages, a certificate to give each fairy a name and, of course, a sprinkle of magic fairy dust. The sets also include one of-a-kind, Alberta-inspired wall decal scenes to go around the door as decoration.

The great news for Explorer Door is that orders are growing, and the fairies are busy setting up their new homes with families across Calgary! To find out more or purchase an amazing gift set visit:

Reporters, producers and editors can reach Katherine Carruthers at

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