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Calgary Embracing Imaginative Play!!

CALGARY, Alberta, Mar. 2, 2019 – Have you ever bought your child a toy, only to see them get bored within five minutes and spend the rest of the day playing with the packaging?

As parents, we've all been there........... and the good news is, a Calgary Mom has created a unique product that encourages imagination and is sure to remain a key part of your child's play room or bedroom wall for years to come with her fun-filled Explorer Door sets.

Explorer Door's Green Fairy Door and Winter Wall Decals

Explorer Door's Green Fairy Door & Winter Wall Decals

Katherine Carruthers, founder of Explorer Door - Canada's Fairy Door Company creates products that not only look amazing in your home, but create lasting memories for all the family!

Explorer Door's fairy door sets feature a miniature, wooden fairy door in 6 different colour options, a tiny bottle and key to invite a fairy to move-in, a notepad for writing and receiving messages, a certificate to give each fairy a name and, of course, a sprinkle of magic fairy dust. Also available are one of-a-kind wall decal scenes to go around the door as decoration.

“Having a fairy door helps inspire children's imaginations and creativity”, says Carruthers.

“The concept also provides a unique way for children to receive encouragement and support, as well as praise for hard work and achievements.”

Explorer Door is definitely something that kids do not get bored of and fortunately it does not become a burden for parents either, as fairies often go on adventures to the lake or mountains for weeks at a time which gives everyone plenty of rest time and provides new things to write about when they return.”

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