Unlock a world of adventure with an Explorer Door!!

Children have fantastic imaginations which should always be encouraged. Explorer Doors are perfect for helping develop these skills through fun interactive imaginative play. Our handmade wooden Explorer Doors let your child invite an Explorer to move into your home and spark up a special friendship. Our doors come with a minature bottle and key, official Explorer Door Certificate and Explorer Door notepad. 

Who are the Explorers?  Explorers are tiny kids (c. 4 inches tall) who live all around us and love adventure.  They help encourage children to try new activities and love giving praise for achievements and hard work. You will love seeing the excitement on your childs face when their Explorer writes back!

Accessorize your Explorer Door

Choose Explorer Wall Decal scenes to go around your door that your child and their Explorer will love. Currently we have one-of-a-kind cool 'Camping', 'Waterfall' and 'Winter Sport' scenes to choose from. They are made of the highest quality vinyl, and are easy to stick and remove. Smaller decals are perfect for sticking on your door!


About the Explorers

About the Explorers